Our team of globally experienced general compliance and trade compliance consultants at Pacific E Compliance – many of whom have legal training – can assist you with your ethics and compliance (E&C) needs. Our solutions range from conducting a refresh of your current compliance program to developing a new compliance or trade compliance program.

Pacific E Compliance provides solutions that are:


Our basic program starts at US$4950. Our bronze, silver, and gold programs let you identify the level of service you need at rates that are as competitive as any you will find anywhere.


We can provide policies, codes and programs to meet your current needs whether that is a refreshed Code of Business Conduct, a Concerns / Help line, new policies, or a counterparty screening program. After our consultation with you, our experts will design a program that addresses your needs. We strive to supply programs that fit your needs.


As your business grows and expands, you are assured that your E&C and trade compliance programs grow with you reducing compliance and reputational risk and enhancing your business offers.

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Managing Director

Jay Seymour is the Managing Director for International Trade and Compliance at Pacific E Compliance. Jay is responsible for overseeing the design and implementation of compliance programs and services. He works with clients to provide the most effective E&C or Trade Compliance program consistent with the client’s risk profile and budget.

Prior to joining Pacific E Compliance, Jay was the Subject Matter Expert for Trade Compliance at a large multi-national corporation. In that role, Jay designed and implemented a global trade compliance program for the company’s operations in over 80 countries. Jay trained and provide guidance for over 150 compliance team members. Jay is a US trained and qualified attorney and has been practicing for over 30 years.

Jay’s current mission is to help small and medium sized businesses create and implement fit for purpose E&C and Trade Compliance programs that are affordable, flexible and scalable. The E&C programs can grow as the enterprise’s activities and risk profile change.

Contact Jay to arrange a no-obligation consultation at [email protected]

Our Locations

Established in Seattle, Washington, USA, Pacific E Compliance’s focus is providing E&C and Trade Compliance programs to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Asia and the Middle East.  In order to serve that client base, we have established affiliate offices in Singapore and Dubai.

Singapore Affiliate

Global Oversight Solutions Pte Ltd

Dubai Affiliate

Argentum Law LTD

Our Languages

Our business language is English. We have the ability to provide services in Mandarin, Arabic, Tamil, Turkish, Hindi and Afrikaans. Other languages can be utilized with prior arrangement. Local language skills are often useful to provide staff training.

Written policies and guidance will be delivered in English. If there is a need to translate, most companies find it more cost effective to do the translation in-house. Pacific E Compliance is happy to create any needed written translations on a cost-plus basis.