Welcome to the March edition of E Compliance Insights, a Pacific E Compliance Newsletter. We intend to publish these newsletters regularly, perhaps more often if events require. Our goal is to educate and help you stay informed by publishing information and insights on select current and potential future legislation, government regulations, and enforcement actions focusing on anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, export controls, trade sanctions, and other compliance issues. We are all on this compliance journey together. Let’s get started.

In this Edition

  1. What Just Happened? Eight Significant Compliance Events in the Past Month
  2. What to Watch For in the Year Ahead
  3. China’s New Export Control Law is Now in Effect
  4. Too Green to Be True?
  5. The United States-China Trade War Heats Up

A look ahead to the next E Compliance Insights

In our next issue, we will begin our series on essential components of a compliance program. We will start with general compliance programs. In subsequent editions, we will look at the unique requirements of Sanctions Compliance Programs, Export Control Compliance Programs, and ESG programs. We will take a deeper dive into new restrictions on semiconductor technology exports and what it means to trade compliance. We will also look at developments in Modern Slavery/Forced Labor. We will, of course, highlight any significant compliance activity between now and then, including actions by the Biden administration, the EU, UK, and China. Thank you for reading.

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